Studio Sample Discount

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Mark Rossetto was one of our biggest clients. He ran an incredibly successful portrait studio in Melbourne. When he moved to Brisbane, he sold the studio and setup a consulting business. He has helped dozens of our top clients create profitable, organised and professional studios that sell tens of thousands of dollars of products a month.


If you are just starting out, or have a studio that you want to take to the next level then Mark can assist.

Get started on Building a Successful Photography Business.

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Studio Sample Set Discount

We believe that digital is nice, but print is beautiful. We believe that clients are more likely to buy what they see.  We believe that seeing your art printed on the wall can take your breath away.

Our “Studio Sample Discount” program has been designed to help you achieve all these things. We offer discounted display products because we know that having physical products on your wall will help you generate more business. This can only be good for us…

The criteria is pretty simple:

  1. You can use the discount once per year (single transaction) for up to $1000 worth of samples (it can be less)
  2. We just ask that you have your own logo discreetly on each product (premium albums and boxes are exempt)
  3. Only the Espresso range of albums is exempt

Please get in touch if you would like to receive information on how to use this discount 🙂

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