BPro Statement Boxes

Introducing the BPro Statement Box – your ideal solution for secure and stylish print storage. This beautifully crafted box is specifically designed to meet the needs of professional photographers. With its great price point, premium quality, and future capability for complete printable customization, the BPro Statement Box is a game-changer in the world of professional photography.

Measuring 11×14″, the BPro Statement Box is perfectly suited to hold 12 matted prints or 50-70 lustre or fine art prints. It’s an ideal companion for preserving your photography work or showcasing it to clients in a sleek and professional manner. It’s also fully compatible with any of the BPro 11×14″ albums or similar, ensuring seamless integration with your existing collection.

Available in four elegant colors – Black, Kraft, Sand, and Gray, the BPro Statement Box complements a variety of styles and tastes. Each color choice brings its unique aura while retaining the signature aesthetic that BPro is renowned for. The subtly textured exterior adds a sophisticated touch to your portfolio, making an unforgettable statement about your commitment to quality.

Quality doesn’t stop at appearance, however. Crafted from robust materials that withstand the test of time, the BPro Statement Box is built to last. Its sturdy construction guarantees the safety of your prints, providing them with a home that’s as durable as it is stylish.

But what truly sets the BPro Statement Box apart is its future potential for complete printable customization. Soon, you’ll be able to personalize your box with custom designs, logos, or messages, making it a truly unique product that represents your brand. This feature brings limitless possibilities to make your Statement Box truly your own.

The BPro Statement Box is more than just a box – it’s an investment in your brand’s image, a symbol of your dedication to quality, and a commitment to the preservation of your work. With its competitive price point, unrivaled quality, and exciting customization prospects, the BPro Statement Box is the statement every professional photographer needs to make. Secure your BPro Statement Box today and step up your photography game to a whole new level.

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