Leather envelopes (with optional print bundles)

These leather envelopes are designed for professional photographers seeking a high-quality presentation solution for their prints. They are handmade from beautiful leathers, and complement the colours from our leather-wrap album range.


  • Colors: Walnut, Caramel, Charcoal
  • Options:
    1. With prints: Includes 15 5×7 matte paper prints (contact us for pricing)
    2. Without prints: Empty envelope (contact us for pricing)


  1. Material: Handmade from durable, soft-touch leather. Finished with a brass fitting for easy closure.
  2. Design: Beautiful and functional, suitable for various photography styles
  3. Use cases: Client deliveries and portfolio presentations

The envelopes are crafted to protect prints while maintaining a professional appearance. They offer a straightforward, quality option for photographers who prioritize both functionality and presentation in their product delivery.

We have priced them to be incredibly cost-effective, however please note it is not possible to vary the sizes.

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