Can I extend your guarantees or warranties to my own clients?

Yes. Unless we are 100% confident that our product is the best on the market, then how can we expect you to promote it to your clients with confidence.

We will supply you with prints without requiring payment until you have given your prints to the client and they are 100% happy with the result. Our guarantee applies even in the following circumstances

  • Your customer changes their mind and no longer wants the prints
  • Your customer is not completely satisfied with their prints
  • You are not completely satisfied with the prints
  • You accidentally send us the wrong file
  • You accidentally order the incorrect size
  • The colour of the print is not what you expected
  • The print is damaged in transit

In all of these cases, we will happily reprint to your satisfaction, or you can simply return the print to us and you will not be charged. We want you to be able to promote our product to your clients with complete confidence that unless they are completely happy you are not left bearing the cost. We know that happy clients generate increased business. If your business grows, then so does ours.

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