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Art Mounts TimberOur Mounted Fine Art Printing service is a superior way of displaying and protecting your images.  This is a full serviced item that is designed to give the photographer time back to photograph and edit.  We offer museum-quality fine art paper in 4 sizes which are then mounted in presentation Art Mounts.

We understand that many photographers currently mount their own images – however our mounting service will:


  1. Help you use your time most productively – instead of ordering prints, ordering mounts, then taking the time to assemble you can spend your time doing what you do best (shooting pictures!)
  2. Give you a point of difference for your clients – our beautiful fine art (cotton-rag) printing is not something your clients can replicate at a retail photo-shop. 


Why mount fine art Prints?

Your prints are “fine art”. This means that they need to be handled accordingly. The Art Mounts give extra protection for transport and general storage, and add value for money. We believe your time is the most important asset, and as such we have developed a full service Print and Art Mount service.


Pricing and sizing

Outer matt size Inner (print size) Price (including GST)
10×8 5×7 $11.00
10×8 8×6 $12.00
14×11 10×7 $17.00
14×11 12×8 $20.00


All prints are printed on beautiful cotton-rag papers and arrive fully-assembled in presentation-style art mounts.


How long will it take to produce and dispatch my Mounted Fine Art Prints?

Your fine art print will normally take around 3 days after confirmation of your order(excluding weekends and holidays) to create and dispatch. Shipping time will depend on your location.


Why are our fine art prints superior?

Everyone claims their fine art papers are superior. To get a better understanding of which paper best suits your needs it is necessary to compare competing products against an independent standard. The International Standards Organisation has created ISO 13660 to address this.

The ISO standard measures:

  • Visual Optical Density
  • Tone Reproduction (Graininess)
  • Tonal Range
  • Mottling
  • Brightness
  • Line quality (blurriness)
  • Line optical density

These define how well your images can be reproduced on each paper. We use Optica One- Fine Art Paper by Breathing Colour, please refer to above link for specifications. If you would like more, please contact us.


How should I handle my Fine Art Print?

Your prints are “fine art”. This means that they need to be handled accordingly. Treat them as though they were an original painting. This means that our fine art printing should be stored away from moisture and direct sunlight. When handling, it is advisable to wear cotton gloves.

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