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Weekly Gear Roundup (Heavy on the Core)

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Our weekly gear post is more core product-oriented than usual as we look at two cameras and a flash.


The Pentax K-500 has just been reviewed on Photography Blog by Mark Goldstein.

This “entry-level DSLR” seems to check all the boxes and then some: max ISO of 51200, optical viewfinder, and Live View.

Goldstein explains that this camera is “essentially the same” as the K-50 but without the weather-proofing and the high-end kit lens; thus, you get all the same technological features at a lower price.  For most persons, the pinch will be felt in the aperture range which, at F/3.5-5.6, is the ‘bad news’ part of this kit.

The styling of this camera is quite traditional and its size is neither overly small, as is the current rage, nor overly large with a protruding grip.

Goldstein provides a balanced summary of the strengths and weakness of the K-500’s image quality and is very impressed with some features, such as image stabilization.

In closing, he writes, “We can’t think of any other similarly priced DSLR that offers so many features” which is why the K-500 nails a rare perfect five stars in the value-for-money criterion.


The announcement of the Nikon D7100 made a few waves as its sensor has no low-pass filter which has been ‘standard equipment’ for years on digital cameras.  It also boasts a not-so-common feature, parallel recording of Raw and JPEG.  However, the main question for this groundbreaking camera was how its images would turn out.  George Schaub on Shutterbug has run a few tests and the results are out.

The D7100 reproduces colour hues with exactitude (little or no shift); however, colour saturation is on the high side.  Its sharpness is also “excellent,” both from a formal and technical measure and by informal ‘eyeballing’.

The hold-your-breath revelation is made in this section: “During our tests we had absolutely no problems with moiré or aliasing effects. . . . Considering the missing low-pass filter, this is a surprising result.”  (It may be impressive but one can’t call it ‘surprising’ – Nikon’s Q.A. would not release something that would throw egg on the brand’s face.)

Read the review to ‘get the goods’ on this Pro DSLR.


What Digital Camera reports on the new Gloxy GX-F990 TTL Flash.

The flash head has vertical and horizontal bounce and other features, such as zoom and bracketing.  However, the main selling point is its maximum sync speed of 1/8000.

It is available in Nikon and Canon sub-models.


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