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Weekly Three-Pack — An Eclectic Bag

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Our weekly three-pack is an eclectic bag today as we look at a mis-step by Panasonic, an alarming development in the U.S. and an ‘interesting news’ item of the kind we feature weekly on our Retail Blog.

A Look at a Lumix

Matt Grayson at Photography Blog took a close look at the new Lumix DMC-LZ30.  This 16 MP camera falls in the ‘superzoom’ category.  It has a startling 35x zoom, with a focal length range from 25mm to 875mm (35mm equivalent).  The aperture varies from F3.0 to F5.9.

A rather odd feature of this camera is that it has full Manual, Program, and ‘Intelligent Auto’ modes, among others, but lacks the ‘in between’ Shutter-Speed Priority and/or Aperture Priority modes.  But should we be worrying about such things where this Lumix is concerned?

Photography Blog’s reviews are a little more honest than most; the candid manner in which deficiencies are pointed out make them reliable.  For example, here’s what they feel about the absence of an EVF: “. . . when holding the camera out to watch the screen, it moves out of your centre of gravity and becomes harder to keep still. The result of this – especially as you zoom out – is that the camera has to overcompensate by using the image stabiliser or if that’s not enough, ramping up the ISO.”

They are even more frank in the Conclusion & Ratings section, essentially giving this camera an ‘F’ because of poor image quality though, for unfathomable reasons, they award it three stars in the ‘Image Quality’ category.  With an ‘Overall’ rating of three stars, this new Lumix, though targeted to the entry-level market, seems to be one that all photographers may as well steer clear of and represents a brand-damaging, retrograde step for Panasonic.

Photog Beware!

Tim Barribeau on Imaging Resource has some alarming news for photojournalists and street shooters in the United States: you’re at risk of being hassled and even reported.

Barribeau quotes an investigative piece by NPR that revealed that people have been tracked and reported to law enforcement merely for shooting bridges and courthouses – no, not with a gun; with a camera!

He also links to an article about the F.B.I. maintaining files on photographers.

Ansel lived in better times . . .

Interesting News

To close on an upbeat note, you’ve got a new market if you’re a pro: for Rohn Engh on Black Star Rising says, “Magazines are Back.”  He goes on to explain exactly what kind of magazines are ‘back.’  These include the unusual ‘single issue’ magazine.

If you’re a pro, however, this article is more than just interesting news; it is a how-to on approaching and snagging a new market for your images.

Engh starts by instructing just how to locate a magazine that may be interested in your work and then proceeds to offer nine tips on how to turn a lead into a permanent client.


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