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Happy Talk and Good News

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Our midweek post was a bit of a downer.  To compensate, we’ll close the week on an upbeat note with three light-hearted and upbeat stories.

“Because of the Gals”

“[T]he girls started talking to me and wanted me to shoot them.”  Isn’t that what ‘inspires’ us and causes us to do 90 percent of the things we do?  That’s also the root cause behind Damian McGillicuddy’s photography career as confessed in Lenovo’s Inspire Me series, reprinted in Photography Blog.

You’ll be interested to read that McGillicuddy did his first celebrity shoot at the ripe old age of around eleven (11).  And the ‘celebrity’ was none other than Queen Elizabeth!

If you can create classy retro-vamp photos of college girls then, yes, they will want you “to shoot them.”  That, however, is not the limits of McGillicuddy photographic imagination: witness this hard, black-and-white heroin chic image.

Hurrah for Editorial Photographers UK

Theft of images available online is endemic and the worst part is that deep-pocketed publishing companies are serious offenders.  Well, here’s a bit of good news brought by Chris Cheesman on Amateur Photographer: Daybrook House Promotions Ltd lifted a photograph of a musician relaxing backstage without any permission or arrangement with the photographer, Jason Sheldon.  When they were caught they had the audacity to brush away the photographer’s invoice for £1,351 and offer a paltry £150.  Daybrook’s (idiotic) defence was that they could use the image because it had already been published on a social media website.

Sheldon, with the backing of Editorial Photographers UK, sued and won an initial court ruling.  Daybrook buckled and the parties reached an out-of-court settlement of £20,000 which includes legal fees.

Hurrah for Editorial Photographers UK, and Congratulations to Sheldon!  That’s setting a good example!

Thank you, MacMate!

Shutterbug and MacMate complete our “Happy Talkin’” post.  When you combine ease-of-use, great features, 10 GB, and ‘Free!’ then it’s Good News!

This cloud service, which doubles up as a drop box and file-sharing site, “works natively on Mac, Windows and Linux” and “works like a real disk.”  At least that’s what the press release says but if it’s even half as good, there’ll be a lot of happy users.


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