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All-Round Unusual Semi-Weekly Three-Pack

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Here’s our semi-weekly three-pack, albeit an unusual one, to close out the week.  We take in a tutorial, a gallery, and a camera comparison.

Beauty Dish

If you’re a master with the soft-box and the umberella, you may want to add another similar accessory to your arsenal: the ‘beauty dish.’  Earlier today Rob Taylor posted a detailed tutorial on PhotoTuts+.

Taylor advises you to pay attention to the inside of the dish and also its colour.  He explains that a simple difference in colour could be the key between obtaining a “hard, edgy look” versus a relatively diffused and ‘soft’ look.

By changing the position of the beauty dish you can produce somewhat different effects – Taylor explains this by illustration.  Add to the beauty dish another accessory – such as a diffuser or a honeycomb grid to create soft focus or “Old Hollywood” effects respectively – and you’ve got a very versatile addition to your portrait-shooting gear.

America From the Road

Michael Hintlian hit upon a really nice idea: photographing America from the road, through the window of a bus or a train.  The Leica Blog has published an interview with Hintlian alongwith a mini-gallery of his documentary photographs “conveying ‘the texture of daily life’ in New England.”

The reason that these photos are so attractive is that they are flat, documenatary snapshots offering a fascinating sense of: time and place, neighbourhoods and open fields, and the workaday lives of ordinary people, all very much from the vantage point of a bus or a train.

Consider this ‘peek’ into a family’s enjoyment of their little pool.  A roadside reminder of a life snuffed out (by a drunken driver?).  The entrance to the house of who – a little old lady?  An open field or public golf course?

This is an unusual and enjoyable gallery.

Who’s the Better Man?

—Or, in this case, the better camera?  DxOMark pitted the Canon EOS 70D Dual Pixel AF against the Sony SLT-A77.  Earlier today DPReview posted a report on the mayhem.

For those who like these kinds of head-to-heads (and the inevitable “The Nikon is vastly superior in W but the Lumix pips it on minor points X, Y, and Z” non-decisions), this report may be good reading.

For those who don’t care for such comparisons, scroll down to the comments for this noteworthy request by ‘AD in KC’: “What I’d really like to see is an objective, head to head comparison between a Capresso Infinity coffee grinder and a tuna sandwich. I’ve got my own suspicions which is best, but I’d like to see a scientific DxO evaluation before I decide.”

No response from DxO as of time of ‘going to press’ . . . .


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