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guarantee-badgeYou may be under the impression that buying a canvas print over the internet is risky. Before buying other goods you get to evaluate the product prior to purchase. There is also the worry that the goods may never turn up. Most companies require full payment before they even begin your canvas print. Others want some sort of deposit.

BrilliantPrints is different. We offer you complete peace of mind with our peace-of-mind guarantee:

“You don’t pay a single cent until you receive your prints and are completely happy. We will gladly send you prints from your own images without upfront payment! If you are not truly, absolutely, 100% delighted with your prints then contact us and we will arrange for them to be returned. We will even pay the return freight.

It doesn’t matter whether the problem was your fault, our fault, an Act of God, or the fault of the bloke at the post office. It doesn’t matter if you change your mind, decide you don’t like the picture, or have just divorced the husband / wife in the photo. Unless you are happy, we are not happy. Please note that while we require payment for gift vouchers up front –  the recipient of the gift voucher is fully covered by our guarantee. ”

We offer this guarantee because we are so confident in the quality of our product and service. Unless we provide you with a fantastic print, then we do not get paid. If you are delighted by our product then we ask you pay the enclosed invoice within 7 days.

BrilliantPrints is a “bricks and mortar” company with a real production facility, office and showroom. We are NOT just an internet company operating from a garage. You are welcome to visit our showroom at 59 Bluestone Circuit, 17 Mile Rocks, Brisbane.

Welcome to Brilliant Prints Professional home to Australia's premier fine art printing service for professionals. 75 year warranty. 100% money back guarantee. Used by 2000+ pro photographers across Australia.
1Unconditional, 100% money back guarantee on all products
275 year full replacement warranty on canvas prints
3No upfront payment required for any of our products
440% discount for your initial studio samples
5Full colour-managed workflow (custom profiles available)
6We can ship direct to your clients (without any identifying details)
7We can manage your limited edition prints and digital signatures
8Extend all our warranties and guarantees to your clients
9World-class archival materials used in all products
10Comprehensive sample product packs available.