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Archive for the ‘Art & Photo Philosophy’ Category

Photographs + Celebrities = Controversy (Thank you, Danny Evans)

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We start off the week with an unique edition in our ‘Controversy of the Week’ category.  It’s unique because there’s no controversy in what this photographer has done but there’s lots of controversy in the reverse of this photographer’s unusual exploits.  Odd?  Strange?  Let’s see. The past week saw Danny Read more…

Photography, Free Choice, and Same-Sex Ceremonies: Something’s Gotta Give

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Here’s a fine and fraught start to the week with our semi-weekly controversy post.  It’s about a legal ruling that had slipped the radar. It comes down to this: as a freelance or contract photographer, do you have the right to choose who and what to photograph?  Can you, as Read more…

Is this Texas Law Controversial? Yes, if You’re a Pornographer.

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A few days back, WOAI Station cried, “Appeals Court Throws Out Texas ‘Improper Photography’ Law.”  The story explains that the ‘throwing out’ was done because the law was found to be “an unconstitutional violation of free speech.”  Should we be celebrating this ostensible victory for ‘free speech’? The Texas ‘Improper Read more…

Photographic Philosophy: The Languages (Plural) of Photography

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Earlier today Marvin Heiferman on Wired articulated some insights and presented his forevision about Photography, “the New Universal Language,” by way of interviewer Pete Brook. Heiferman has worn and wears many hats in the domain of Photography and one of those hats is editor and writer of the book Photography Read more…

Controversy: *To* Russia With Love

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Another day, another controversy – that’s the reality (exaggerated slightly) where photography meets the Web.  And this week’s photo controversy didn’t even need the Web! British miniseries actress Emilia Clarke is the unwitting gal in the centre of the storm (in a teacup).  A Russian mayoral candidate, Yakov Silin, kicked Read more…

Controversy: Paging Mr. Hegel — The U.K. and France Need You

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A scant week back we had blogged about a woman who was behind prison walls when a paparazzo photographed her without her consent and published the photograph.  She had filed a complaint with a commission but the photographer was found to have been “in clear.” Lesson learnt.  Obviously, therefore, if Read more…

Will Photographers and Lawyers Soon Have Something in Common?

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In an earlier blog post we had written that scarcely a week goes by without a controversy – be it trifling or five-ring – in the realms of Photography.  Just to prove us wrong, Controversy took a leave of absence from all Photography for a couple of weeks.  Well, she Read more…

The Tyranny of a Vocal Minority: Cyber Book-Burning

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We close out this week with our weekly ‘Controversy of the Week’ post covering a dual controversy that has exploded on the Web. If self-styled media mavens and a small vocal minority consider your online photographs to be ‘controversial’, ‘not cool’, ‘ghoulish’, and/or ‘breathtakingly tasteless’, guess what?  You’ll be beaten Read more…

The Expendables, the Threatened Species, the *Pro Photogs!*

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We’re closing out this week with our Controversy of the Week post and this one is probably the biggest one so far.  First it was Marissa Mayer.  Now, the Chicago Sun-Times.  All of a sudden some pro photogs have good reason to think they have something in common with the Read more…

You and I commit ‘Piracy’ but AFP and Getty Engage in ‘Infringement’

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Two years back Daniel Morel scooped up two World Press Photo awards for his widely-circulated and riveting photos of the Haiti earthquake.  They had been transmitted on Agence France Presse’s (AFP) feed – without authorization.  Thus began a legal saga that is wending its way through the courts even today.  Read more…

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