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About us

Picture of Brilliant Prints Founder Liam Tovey

Picture of Brilliant Prints Founder – Liam Tovey

When we first started Brilliant Prints we liked to use words like “revolutionise” and “game-changing”. But it didn’t take us long to realise that we needed to spend less time with the dictionary and more time doing what we know best (producing great fine art and giving good old fashioned service). 5 years, 3 countries and 100,000+ prints later we think we might just be getting closer to that perfect fine art print…

Brilliant Prints Australia understands fine art

Brilliant Prints is Australia’s finest independent fine art printer. With branches in three countries, we have built up the expertise to deliver products that meet the exacting standards of professional photographers.

Whether you are starting out on your  career, or require assistance to design a gallery showing our staff are always happy to assist.

We are one of the very few printers who do everything in-house, meaning you get both better value for money, and a better quality product. You are welcome to visit our production facility / showroom, located in Richlands, Brisbane.

Each day, we ship prints to every state of Australia , and currently provide our product to clients in Hong Kong , New Zealand , Europe and Scandinavia .

A video explaining Brilliant Prints Professional - an Australian-owned company printing for 3000+ professional photographers

Other branches of the Brilliant Prints Family

Welcome to Brilliant Prints Professional home to Australia's premier fine art printing service for professionals. 75 year warranty. 100% money back guarantee. Used by 2000+ pro photographers across Australia.
1Unconditional, 100% money back guarantee on all products
275 year full replacement warranty on canvas prints
3No upfront payment required for any of our products
440% discount for your initial studio samples
5Full colour-managed workflow (custom profiles available)
6We can ship direct to your clients (without any identifying details)
7We can manage your limited edition prints and digital signatures
8Extend all our warranties and guarantees to your clients
9World-class archival materials used in all products
10Comprehensive sample product packs available.