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Archive for September, 2013

Happy Talk and Good News

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Our midweek post was a bit of a downer.  To compensate, we’ll close the week on an upbeat note with three light-hearted and upbeat stories. “Because of the Gals” “[T]he girls started talking to me and wanted me to shoot them.”  Isn’t that what ‘inspires’ us and causes us to Read more…

Weekly Three-Pack — An Eclectic Bag

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Our weekly three-pack is an eclectic bag today as we look at a mis-step by Panasonic, an alarming development in the U.S. and an ‘interesting news’ item of the kind we feature weekly on our Retail Blog. A Look at a Lumix Matt Grayson at Photography Blog took a close Read more…

Photographs + Celebrities = Controversy (Thank you, Danny Evans)

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We start off the week with an unique edition in our ‘Controversy of the Week’ category.  It’s unique because there’s no controversy in what this photographer has done but there’s lots of controversy in the reverse of this photographer’s unusual exploits.  Odd?  Strange?  Let’s see. The past week saw Danny Read more…

All-Round Unusual Semi-Weekly Three-Pack

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Here’s our semi-weekly three-pack, albeit an unusual one, to close out the week.  We take in a tutorial, a gallery, and a camera comparison. Beauty Dish If you’re a master with the soft-box and the umberella, you may want to add another similar accessory to your arsenal: the ‘beauty dish.’  Read more…

Weekly Gear Roundup (Heavy on the Core)

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Our weekly gear post is more core product-oriented than usual as we look at two cameras and a flash. Pentax The Pentax K-500 has just been reviewed on Photography Blog by Mark Goldstein. This “entry-level DSLR” seems to check all the boxes and then some: max ISO of 51200, optical Read more…

Photography, Free Choice, and Same-Sex Ceremonies: Something’s Gotta Give

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Here’s a fine and fraught start to the week with our semi-weekly controversy post.  It’s about a legal ruling that had slipped the radar. It comes down to this: as a freelance or contract photographer, do you have the right to choose who and what to photograph?  Can you, as Read more…

Calling All Photojournalists

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‘M for Mongolia’ The Leica Blog’s welcome foray into colour shows signs of being a more permanent “in health and in sickness” type of deal for, yet again, their feature is in colour, with some black-and-white images too.  Their current article, Nick Rains: M for Mongolia, puns on the ‘M’ Read more…

Facebook or LinkedIn? Flickr or Instagram? Twitter or Pinterest?

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Here are three vastly different lessons of a kind.  DPSchool presents a how-to on photographing strangers who have that “wow factor,” I am Nikon Blog features a learn-by-illustration covering perspective control, and Shutterbug brings an interview-oriented guide to exploiting social media. ‘Street Portraits’ Street Shooting is one thing; making a Read more…

New Accessories and Peripherals with Photography Blog

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Our weekly gear post turns into a side lane today: instead of looking at cameras and lenses we’re taking a look-see at peripherals and accessories – five of ’em.  What’s more, every single post today is from Photography Blog and every product is a new launch. NEC is renowned for Read more…

Interesting Photography News — with a Twist

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This week we’ll close with an Interesting Photography News roundup that touches upon a Lightbox, NASA, and Sudoku – just not in ways you may conceive of them. Sudoku Pros may be pleased to learn that the popular Japanese numerical puzzle, Sudoku, may be on their side when it comes Read more…

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