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Archive for May, 2013

Frivolities, Necessities, and In-Betweens

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Frivolities Would you want to subject your camera to a ‘stitcher’, assuming you know how to use it?  If so, Zork makes one.  This device allows you to ‘stitch’ together a panorama or any other multi-photograph view while keeping the lens still but moving the camera. Or do you want Read more…

M&Ms: How to Add Mystery to Monotone

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Here are two complementary tutorials that have to do with with creating an unusual monotone ‘look’ to your images.  Take your choice between Mysterious-Effect Split-Toning or (equally) Mysterious Infra-Red Effects. Mysterious-Effect Split-Toning SpoonGraphics furnishes step-by-step directions in Photoshop to replicate a sophisticated darkroom technique in which bleaching highlights with sepia Read more…

You and I commit ‘Piracy’ but AFP and Getty Engage in ‘Infringement’

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Two years back Daniel Morel scooped up two World Press Photo awards for his widely-circulated and riveting photos of the Haiti earthquake.  They had been transmitted on Agence France Presse’s (AFP) feed – without authorization.  Thus began a legal saga that is wending its way through the courts even today.  Read more…

Two Top Tutorials — Portraits and Lighting

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Hailey Bartholomew has written a tutorial titled 3 Tips for Taking Portraits that Reflect the Character and Spirit of your Subject and illustrated it with her own ‘portrait’ photography.  Most unfortunately, the images are so spectacular that, unless you make a concerted effort to read the article, you’ll be distracted Read more…

Carlos Rene Perez’s Interesting Space and Human Props

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Carlos Rene Perez’s clients “have included the Associated Press, Bloomberg News, US News & World Report and USA Today.”  Notice a similarity?  They’re all major media organizations.  And they were all attracted to Perez’s work because he’s a natural street shooter and photojournalist. The Leica Camera Blog has just published Read more…

This Just In: Flickr, Film, and a Rescue Bid

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Flickr’s Comeback Yesterday Yahoo made waves in the Business World by completing its expected acquisition of Tumblr.  Today it’s made news in the Photography Business by rolling out an updated and hip version of Flickr. The big talking point is one terabyte of free space – enough for over half-a-million Read more…

Hot Off the Presses: An Interview, an Exhibition, and a Camera

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Interview A Conversation With Gregory Crewdson and Ben Shapiro by Hillary Weston is an interview that is principally about making a documentary.  However, there are three major connections to photography.  First, the concept of drawing inspiration from scenes and settings in certain movies, such as Hitchcock and Welles classics.  Second, Read more…

Electricity, Guns, and an Un-Drowned Town

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Over the past several days a few superb photo collections have been published.  Here we look at a gallery of gun violence, a pictorial narrative of a drowned town, and an album of images that are not quite ‘photography’. The Guns of Bahia America’s so-called ‘Gun Culture’ gets all the Read more…

Adobe + Photoshop + Creative Cloud = ‘Controversy’?

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One of the biggest controversies in Photography has been the issue of image manipulation and doctoring.  Sometimes the practice is broadly known as ‘Photoshopping’ after the original, groundbreaking product that made photo manipulation easy and possible for anyone with a computer. Now, the controversy du jour also has to do with Photoshop Read more…

The new Canon EOS 700D

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The new Canon EOS 700D has just been treated to a readable and informative review by Barrie Smith on DPSchool. This is supposed to be Canon’s ‘entry-level’ DSLR; however, it’s a competitive and attractive camera in its own right.  This is one of those DSLRs whose sensor is not a Read more…

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