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Archive for March, 2013

Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos of the Week

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Our weekly look at gear reviews closes out the week but if you’d like a second shot laced with a burning question of the day, check out today’s post on our BrilliantPrints Blog. Photographer’s Peripherals Back in the day, pros used shutter-release cables for long exposures, and to eliminate camera Read more…

Keith South’s Living Image Vintage Camera Museum

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‘The Living Image Vintage Camera Museum’ sounds quite a mouthful but the website is verily brimful of facts and figures, and information and images, of dozens of cameras including 360-degree views.  This online museum is a labour of love by one Keith South. South has taken a chronological approach, dividing Read more…

The Normandy Invasion in Thousands of Images

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Last week brought a news story about archival images of profound historical importance, and what a gallery they make.  Imaging Resource reported that “Thousands of images from [the Invasion of Normandy] have been released into the Public Domain, and PhotosNormandie is a project devoted to making sure that they’re all Read more…

Two Animal Galleries: Alive and Dead; Anthropomorphized and Hunted

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The Humanity of Animals is what Morten Koldby strives to capture in his animal portraits – and he succeeds to a great extent. In a photo-story on Imaging Resource, Dan Havlik calls these photographs “astounding” because Koldby’s animal portraits “show facial expressions not that different from the people you might Read more…

A Trio of New Compacts

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It’s a new day and we have compacts making a news splash.  Olympus has just announced a chic new compact while Nikon and Sigma have just had their latest models reviewed. Olympus VH-520 The press release of the Olympus VH-520 seems to sketch it out as a camera for fashionistas Read more…

Controversy! “Thief!” “Extortionist!”

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The copyright-related wrangle between photograph authors and online publishers shows no signs of diminishing; to the contrary, it seems to be becoming a fact of life even as it gets more intense. This controversy arises because “companies often turn to the Internet for free photographic images,” reports DPReview in Online Read more…

Interesting News Takes Us Back to the Past

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We’ll close the week with something we do often on our Consumer Blog but rarely on this Pro Blog: a roundup of interesting-to-quirky news in the world of photography.  Today’s theme: Back to the Past. Back to the Past . . . All the Way to 350 B.C.! Right, 350 Read more…

Three Tasty Treats from Samsung, Fujifilm and Nikon

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Samsung EX2F Review day of this week opens with a surprise entrant, Samsung.  Is Samsung an interloper in the camera world?  Some specs and features of the compact EX2F militate against an unprogressive view. In their review, Mike Pasini and Mike Tomkins laud a few of those features, such as Read more…

Controversy! “Warning: DON’T Photograph the Police!”

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“WARNING: NO PHOTOGRAPHY – CAMERAS NOT ALLOWED” – and welcome to our weekly installment of controversy in photography. The above warning is familiar enough outside military complexes the world over and that is understandable: spies have snooped around such installations since well before the advent of photography, and taking these Read more…

TIPA’s ‘Best Rugged Camera’: Pentax Optio WG-2

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On 17th October we had blogged about the Hero3, writing, “an upstart has opened up two new fronts on the [camera] battleground!  These two new battlegrounds are ruggedness and connectivity, and they’re brought about courtesy of the GoPro Hero3.” That joust is now joined – enter the Pentax Optio WG-2.  Read more…

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