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Archive for February, 2013

The ‘Firefall’ – God’s Welding Iron

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Would you believe photographs were the ‘dark matter’, and a photographer the motive force, behind the birth of America’s National Parks system?  “After seeing Mr. Watkins’s photographs [of Yosemite Valley], President Abraham Lincoln signed legislation in 1864 preserving the valley for the public and leading the way toward what would Read more…

The Photographic Alchemy of ‘Stack’ and ‘Unsample’

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If you’ve ever wanted to print a poster from a photograph you took on an MFT but ‘knew’ you couldn’t, John Paul Caponigro explains how you can in How To Go Big.  The author elucidates a relatively dark art in this rather technical article. He introduces his tutorial by stating Read more…

Burning, Bubbling Controversy: The ‘Caldron’ of Photoshop

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“[W]e’ve been drifting into Photoshop world for a decade, and we’ve floated too far.” The beginning of this post is the last line of Allen Murabayashi’s article Why Do Photo Contest Winners Look Like Movie Posters? which is, or presumes to be, a rational reaction to the drift, not only Read more…

Maximize Post-Processing Efficiency with Batch-Processing

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In a tutorial as lengthy as it is off the beaten path, Andrew Childress explains how you can maximize your post-processing efficiency by using Batch Processing Techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom. This tutorial is quite technical and has much detail, including lots of screenshots, to help you get going.  For Read more…

Lieutenant Columbo and the ‘Internet Fingerprints’

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Enter Lieutenant Columbo.  Or Hercule Poirot.  Or Perry Mason.  Or whoever your favourite super-sleuth happens to be: for today we’re looking at the nexus of photography and detective work. The Case of the Suspiciously-Packaged Camera “J’Accuse!”  That’s what Rob ‘Zola’ Dunlop cried at DigitalRev, reports PetaPixel, when he unravelled the Read more…

‘Censor’ . . . ‘Ban’ . . . Controversy!

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The words ‘censor’ and ‘ban’ are seldom associated with photography or Western Demoracies, let alone both.  One of those ‘seldom’ occasions occurred last month when a Swiss court blocked publication of a photo book.  Now that’s a controversy! The book was titled In Jesus’ Name and contains photographs taken by Read more…

World Press Photo Awards

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The odds of winning a photo contest with “103,481 images submitted by 5,666 photographers” are slim – indeed, they’re razor thin.  Paul Hansen bucked those odds to win the World Press Photo award, reports BJP. World Press Photo is possibly the most prestigious award for photojournalism and has been in Read more…

The Renowned ‘Masters’ and The Wretched ‘Condemned’

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We look at two amazing photography books today, each one engaging and appealing but for extremely different reasons. The Wretched ‘Condemned’ This just in: For his photographs and book about “a voiceless minority resigned to the dark forgotten corners of churches, chained to rusted hospital beds,” photographer-of-conscience Robin Hammond has Read more…

Abe of the ‘Landscape Face’

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About once a week we take a walk on the offbeat side on our sister website’s blog, that is to say, a roundup of what’s quirky or weird in Photography News.  Here’s a mild taste of that today here on BPro. The Great Emancipator What with the increasing buzz surrounding Read more…

Instagram: A Loser Site for the Loser User

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In this second post in our ‘Controversy’ series, the ‘subject’ is the centre of the photographic storm of the day: Instagram. The words ‘instagram controversy’ results in over four million hits!  How’s one dinky post going to cover even an infinitesimal fraction of Instagram’s controversial nature? Many of those four Read more…

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